Supervision Of Minors After A MVA Until Your Next Of Kin Arrives

  • When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with your children in the car, we know what your main concern is. But what happens if you’re unconscious or incapacitated? You need assurance in emergencies that your children will receive the best care, especially if you’re unable to guarantee it yourself. 24hr Angel Assist ensures not only that you and your children receive quality medical treatment should anyone be injured, but also that uninjured children will be supervised and cared for until the next of kin arrives.
  • How 24hr Angel Assist works for your children:
    • First reaction paramedics ensure that your children are not injured in any way.
    • We telephonically alert up to 2 pre-selected next of kin.
    • We supervise your children and attend to any emotional distress following the accident.
    • After a next of kin guardian arrives and we have verified their identity, we hand over care of your children to them.

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