How 24hr Angel Assist Saved A Life

The most AMAZING product on the market. If you ever have any doubts about this product, I can rest assure you that their word is their honour. My daughter met with an accident this past Saturday, her car was written off and she was critically injured. One call to Angel Assist and they have taken care of everything from the Ambulance to Casualty, to Admission, at a private healthcare facility. I received 10 calls from Cari Devendish on a constant basis seeking to assist financially and offer moral support. All costs were covered, I could focus on my daughter’s wellbeing, instead of worrying about the cost of private healthcare. This is definitely a product I highly recommend, even if you have Medical Aid… there is no need to stress about co-payments, administration costs, lab or Xrays or MRI or CAT scans or even meds & post hospital visits etc… all is taken care. What more do you need… this is definitely peace of mind. Angel Assist, once more, thank you for your excellent service and professionalism during our family’s crisis moments.

Donovan Franker

A few weeks ago I was driving home along my dirt road and without warning I hit some loose gravel, lost control and rolled my car.  That is the last thing I remember about the evening until I woke up in hospital covered in blood. My first thought was “how did I get here”… I wasn’t wondering about how I got into the accident, I was much more concerned with how I had been admitted into a private facility because unfortunately I don’t have medical aid. I then found out that my mom and my brother had made a plan and had paid almost R24 000 up to that point in hospital admission, head scans and medical care. 

When my family had been called they had been told that I was probably not going to make it alive, and luckily for me they rallied around me and made a plan.  Imagine their relief when I woke up and could explain to them that less than 3 months ago I had signed up for a product called Angel Assist.  This product saved myself and my family so much stress in an already very difficult situation, they paid all my medical bills without a single question even though I have been a member for less than 3 months!  Within 24 hours (and on a Saturday) my brother and my mother had been reimbursed in full for every cent that they had paid, I was amazed.  Later that night my mother received a personal call from the MD of Angels Assist himself, Carl,  to assure her that my bills would be covered and to enquire as to how I was doing, she was beyond excited. 

Upon my release, all my hospital bills were settled in full and further bills I had such as reconstructive surgery on my face as well as follow up chiropractic consultations have all been covered too.  I cannot explain how wonderful the Angel Assist service has been, not only was an angel watching over me on the night I rolled my car, but the earth angels who work at Angel Assist have also become a constant feature in my life as I continue with my recovery.  From personal calls to check up on me, to transferring funds on to my Angel Assist card, they have been there for me every single step of the way.  I cannot recommend this product enough to all of those who travel our roads on a daily basis.  Thanks you Carl, Cari and all the Angels at Angel Assist.

On Thursday the 4th of September 2014, Andrew Girdlestone purchased a second-hand 3 series BMW from Lyndhurst Auto. Upon making the purchase at the dealership, he was offered a number of products, including Credit Life, Motor Warranty and a service plan. The finance and insurance lady Liesl Fhorbesch also offered him these benefits as he had little or no medical benefits which would allow for him to be treated in a private medical facility in the event of an accident.

Fortunately for Andrew, he made the best investment of his life by joining.

On the evening of Sunday the 7th of September, whilst returning from OR Tambo international airport, Andrew Girdlestone swerved to avoid a pedestrian that had run across his path on the M99 highway on which he was travelling.

His car left the freeway, ran through a parking lot of a building adjacent to the road and landed on the N12 highway.Andrew had no form of identification on him. Emergency services personnel had to cut Andrew out of his vehicle and rush him through to Johannesburg General Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. Due to the shortage of ICU beds, he was placed in a general ward.

On Monday the 8th of September Andrew’s sister, Nicola, contacted the claims office to inform us that her brother was a client and was currently located at the Johannesburg General hospital.

Our partners, ER24, raced through to Johannesburg General, from where Andrew was immediately collected and moved to Sandton Mediclinic private hospital.

Andrew was admitted straight into ICU thanks to the R200 000 benefit he was able to receive. He had suffered 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung and was operated on immediately by Dr Mustafa. He remained on a ventilator in ICU for a further 3 days. After a successful operation, Andrew has made steady progress and is about to be discharged from Sandton Mediclinic. It’s safe to say that had Andrew not invested in this product to protect him, he would not be with us today.

A huge thank you to Dr Mustafa, the ER24 paramedics, Mediclinic and Liesl from Lyndhurst BMW for playing a massive part in saving Andrew’s life.

From all of us at 24hr Angel Assist, travel safe!